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A Do-It-Yourself Long-Term Renovation Works for an Alexandria Couple

When high school sweethearts Wendy and Alex Santantonio finished taking the SAT, they didn’t head out for burgers or go to a movie to celebrate. Nope, these two spent the afternoon refinishing an antique table that now sits in the couple’s Old Town Alexandria home. Their 15-foot-wide home, built between 1885 and 1890, has been the focus of their do-it-yourself restoration projects for the past decade.


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Renting an Aged Apartment Comes with Vintage Problems - and Perks

Whether you’re a fan of retro rentals...or attracted to one because of its location or price, there are a few things to consider when renting an apartment with some age to it.


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Seven Design Blogs to Feed Your Feed

Follow the journey of a couple renovating an 1880s rowhouse in Alexandria as they ponder tankless water heaters and what makes a house haunted (


New Home Source Blog
Your First Home: What Every New Homeowner Needs in Their Brand New Kitchen

Wendy Santantonio gives her thoughts on what every new homeowner needs in their new kitchen.


Lore Magazine
"This Old House"

What started as a remodeling hobby turned into a full-blown obsession for this agent and her husband.


Old Town House Journal
A DIY Row House Rehab

Two determined DIYers piece together their home’s history while creating a memorable restoration story of their own.


Northern Virginia Magazine
Old Town Home: 8.5 Years of Restoration and Counting

In 2003, newlyweds Alex and Wendy Santantonio took the plunge and purchased an 1880s fixer-upper row house in Old Town Alexandria. Their blog, Old Town Home tracks the couple’s DIY adventures and various home improvement projects as they have transformed their “undecorated, lifeless bachelor pad,” into the Alexandria row house it is today.


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A Fresh Take on Seasonal Settings

The Santantonios live in a 125-year-old rowhouse in Old Town Alexandria (which they blog about at So their holiday decor reflects and honors the history of their abode. But that doesn’t mean they shy away from the modern.


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Alex and Wendy's Evolving Victorian

Situated just off the main street in the historic district of Old Town Alexandria, Alex and Wendy's home is the epitome of the classic elegance that defines the city's character. With a beautifully traditional color scheme and period details like transom windows and cast iron rim locks, it's hard to believe that it hasn't always served as such a vivid reminder of the area's rich colonial history.

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